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Post-op nursing: June Thorpe Galy

June Thorpe-Galy is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and currently works part-time as a Registered Nurse at Roper Hospital with an emphasis on cardiac patients. At the same time she drives her own business plan for developing a nursing private practice.

She is a volunteer at Our Lady of Mercy’s Neighborhood House in downtown Charleston doing monthly wellness checks for homeless and less fortunate people in our community. She is a member of the Isle of Palms exchange club and an auxiliary member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). She is very involved with her church, St. Andrew Church of Mount Pleasant.

June also did missionary work in Burundi, Africa.

Since 2013 she served as chair of research at Roper and was a member of the leadership council.

Post-op nursing: June Thorpe Galy

In 2017 she assisted her mother, a widow and veteran of the Korean war, in a move to Charleston so that she could help in her medical care. Her mother loved her home, where she was born and spent most of her life, but was unable to keep up with medications and doctor appointments. June felt that there was a need for a service that could help elderly and handicapped people with appointment reminders, medication administration and medical questions. Such a service could have helped her mother stay longer in the home and town she loved.

RN for Me was started in order to help others that may be in the same position June was in with her mother. This business will fill a huge void in our community for many seniors who wish to stay in their home as long as possible.

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Post-op nursing: June Thorpe Galy Post-op nursing: June Thorpe Galy
wellness assessment at home medication management by licensed RN RN is liaison with doctor

At Home Care

Health Monitoring

Care You Trust

We provide weekly visits to your home or the home of your loved one. We help them stay at home, living well by monitoring their health. We act as a liaison and advocate to their doctor. Our professional nurses visit in the home to monitor vital statistics such as blood pressure and glucose levels, graphing trends for you. You can view your history at any time. All our staff members are Registered Nurses. Because we visit weekly, we are alert to your health trends. We can help detect changes and communicate those to your doctor.
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• Wellness Check

wellness assessment at home

Professional nurses will monitor your loved one or you and perform wellness checks. We will check vital signs and perform glucose monitoring and provide monthly trends in graph form for physician visits.

• Meds Management

medication management by licensed RN

Our RNs will cross check and update to ensure current lists of all medications are on hand. We will review medications and side effects, and set up medication trays for the week.

• Medical Liaison

RN is liaison with doctor

Our professional RNs provide oversight of all physician appointments. We will contact your MD for any health concerns you or your loved ones may have about your health / conditions.

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